As thousands of workers are hit with rising energy costs they now face an additional increase in the cost of bin collections and TV packages. The cost of living for the average person is spiralling out of control and pushing people into further poverty according to David Gardiner, representative for Workers’ Party Palmerstown-Fonthill.

Gardiner said”
“Workers are consistently being hit by price increases in essentials with more than 30 increases by energy companies alone. Energy bills are set to increase by between €500 and €800 this year. That is a substantial amount of extra money for families to find.”

“Inflation is currently at 5.1 per cent and we are seeing the cost of energy, petrol, shopping, rent rising in cost all the time. It’s just impossible for workers to keep up with the increases and as a result many more families are going to see themselves relying on charity to help them survive.”

“We know that this is a problem faced by workers north and south and we have yet to see any real attempt by either government to tackle the problem. I’m fact it appears that they are happy for workers to seek the support of charities rather than step up and do what is required of them which, frankly, is shameful and just cannot continue. At a bare minimum the waste collection and energy services must come under public control. This will at least remove the profit element which workers are currently paying for.”