The report from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) confirms that the current focus on reducing energy demand will not be enough to eliminate fossil fuel use. It is time for the state to build district heating infrastructure to meet climate goals according to Garrett Greene, Workers’ Party representative for Cabra-Glasnevin.

“The Worker’s Party has called for the creation of a publicly owned district heating utility to decarbonize home heating and protect against spiraling heating costs.”

“The National Heat Study report just published by the SEAI confirms that the government’s focus on reducing energy demand for home heating will not be enough to meet climate goals. The report identifies district heating schemes as an essential component in any zero-carbon energy system. District heating can provide efficient, clean, on-demand heat for households in urban areas, and protect workers against rising energy prices.”

“The report finds that the state’s focus on grants and subsidies for homeowners will not be enough to end our dependence on fossil fuels for home heating.”

“As long as state policies for tackling climate change continue to focus entirely on influencing consumer choice, they are doomed to failure. The climate crisis affects us all, and requires coordinated collective action. The state must drop it’s ideological opposition to provision of services, and begin investing in publicly owned clean energy systems to meet the needs of all citizens.”