The resolution adopted on July 12th by the European Parliament condemning Cuba is deeply concerning on a number of levels.

Briefly, the resolution — on the state of the EU-Cuba PDCA in the light of the recent visit of the High Representative to the island — is an attack on the Cuban nation by invoking dubious human rights concerns and Cuba’s friendly relations with Moscow as an excuse to reject co-operation with the Caribbean state.

In reality, the issue is straightforward: the Cubans have refused to bend the knee to the EU (and their own masters in Washington) over the war in Eastern Europe. All the guff about civil society contained in the resolution is just for show and to reassure their own activist layer — the NGO drone army — that they are not just purveyors of cynical realpolitik.

If anything, Cuba is probably too lenient on foreign funded civil society groups, which, after all, are essentially tools of the USA and, therefore, dedicated to overthrowing the state and returning Cuba to a state of abject exploitation at the hands of the western elite. So-called civil society groups have been instrumental in attempted and successful coups in Venezuela, Syria, Ukraine in 2014, amongst many others. Only the particularly stupid think they are genuinely independent rather than aligned with the general interests of American and European capitalism and the specific goals of the western security apparatus.

With a few notable exceptions amongst the communist and anti-imperialist minded groupings, the politicians in Strasbourg and their colleagues in Brussels have not the slightest interest in human rights. Even if we accept that Cuba has not attained such a state of sublime perfection that all criminal and subversive activities have faded into oblivion, this hardly necessitates the hostility contained in the resolution.

After all, apart from the obvious lack of self-consciousness vis-à-vis European colonialism, the EU member states are, at the present, cavorting shamelessly with the Neo-Nazi adjacent regime in Kiev, which naturally has no shortage of atrocities to its name since its birth in 2014.

And this is the nub of the matter: Russia. It is patently obvious from the otherwise bizarre presence in the resolution of repeated mentions of Russia that the issue the EU has with Cuba is its lack of condemnation of Moscow over the ongoing conflict with Ukraine (and its masters in the West). The Human Rights stuff is just a pro-forma moan to put pressure on Havana. If human rights were such a pressing concern for Brussels they would hardly so enthusiastically supportive of the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine or the winsome head chopping “moderate rebels” in Syria.

No, it is Cuba’s refusal to bend the knee to the American-led capitalist empire, of which the EU is a rather hapless constituent part, that is the source of this arrogant resolution. That is actually something to be proud of. A parliament not composed of boot-licking imbeciles, perhaps one even inhabited by members with a modicum of dignity and desire to govern on behalf of their constituents, would note with thanks Cuba’s principled stand on the present war and its general refusal to adhere to whatever is the latest imperial crusade emanating from Washington.

One occasionally hears an inhabitant of the Brussels bureaucracy complain about the lack of goodwill towards the EU both in Europe and abroad. The general disdain and arrogance displayed in this resolution and which, in truth, is on more or less permanent display from the EU, goes a long way to explaining the contempt the world has for the it.

Hypocrites are tolerated but not respected and this goes even more so for the particularly servile hypocrites in Brussels whose most ardent foreign policy objectives are to anticipate and implement the desires of their ultimate masters in Washington. The contrast with the small but still actually sovereign Cuban nation is vast, and entirely to the disfavour of the EU.