In a contemptuous move, Tesco have removed the 10% Covid payment for their staff. At a time when incidence rates of infection and hospitalisation are at an all time high this decision to remove the 10% payment to their supermarket workers has rightly caused anger and disappointment.

Supermarket workers continue to ensure our nation is fed and keep our country functioning. They brave high risk sites of infection everyday putting themselves and their families health at considerable risk.

These workers are being treated with contempt by their employers. Supermarket bosses have enjoyed record high grocery sales while those on the shopfloor remain underpaid and undervalued.

While executive pay remains lavish, Tesco CEO pocketed a bonus of £6.4 million in June – workers in the grocery retail sector are among the lowest paid.

The Workers’ Party is calling for:

  • Tesco to reinstate the Covid payment for their workers immediately.
  • Supermarket bosses to engage in Joint Labour Committee for retail sector.
  • A pay rise for shop floor workers which reflects profits and record sales.
  • Full disclosure to workers of employer pre-tax profits and turnover, directors’ pay/bonuses and dividends paid to shareholders’.