US interference in Venezuelan elections and threats of intervention and sanctions unacceptable according to The Workers’ Party.

The Workers’ Party have warned that the United States is embarking on dangerous and destabilising actions in Venezuela. They are protesting the moves at the US Embassy in Dublin tonight, 10th of August at 7pm.

Workers’ Party representative Gavin Mendel-Gleason warned:

The US Secretary of State Tillerson has stated unequivocally that the US are seeking to overthrow the government of Venezuela. They have implemented some sanctions, floated others, and hinted at direct support for an opposition coup. The Workers’ Party will be protesting these actions at the American Embassy in Dublin, along with a wide range of individuals, peace activists and parties.

The economic situation in Venezuela is viewed by most commentators as severe, but Mendel-Gleason believes that sanctions will only make things worse:

You cannot, on the one hand, claim that the economic situation is dire and that people need relief, and then turn around and slap them with severe economic sanctions. It’s no exaggeration to state that people will die as a direct result of sanctions.

Mendel-Gleason also appealed to those who do not consider themselves supporters of President Nicolás Maduro to oppose intervention.

The history of US intervention in foreign governments is a long list of catastrophes where the people invariably lose. We saw the devastation of Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and more recently Iraq and Libya where millions of lives were lost.

The current situation in Venezuela recalls the US assisted overthrow of the democratically elected Allende government in Chile, where the US backed the Pinochet dictatorship which murdered thousands and tortured tens of thousands. The CIA and Trump’s State Department can not be trusted to create anything but chaos and misery.