A resolution has been reached on a right-of-way dispute relating to the development on the old Vincent Byrne site in Palmerstown, according to a report in The Irish Times. Unfortunately, any resolution is unlikely to address the fact that this development will only add to the traffic problem in the area, according to David Gardiner, Workers’ Party representative in Palmerstown-Fonthill.

Gardiner said:

“The BusConnects plan will see drivers forbidden from turning left towards the city centre when exiting the village via Kennelsfort Road Lower, meaning all traffic bound for the city centre will use the exit at the Applegreen end of the Old Lucan Road. This could potentially lead to congestion as far back as Aldi, where the right-of-way exit from the new development is located.”

“This is quite alarming if you are a resident in any part of Palmerstown village. It is only one such concern that people have in relation to the Vincent Byrne site development when it comes to infrastructure and facilities.”

“Additionally, it must be asked how An Bord Pleanála deemed it appropriate to grant planning permission to the development in the first place, considering that this dispute relating to one of the two entrances referenced in the planning application is only being resolved now.”

“It is clear that an overpass is needed in Palmerstown. This would allow traffic coming from the west to the city centre to flow freely, it would allow people in Palmerstown to get on to the bypass with ease and, by keeping that traffic largely separate from purely local traffic, it would make it easier for people to drive from the village into the rest of the Palmerstown.”