Hundreds of thousands march in the capital and major cities in Sudan demanding the end of the dictatorial regime.

7 April 2019

Hundreds of thousands marched yesterday in the capital Khartoum and other major cities and towns all over Sudan, demanding the end of the regime.

The 6th of April will be written with letters of fire and blood as it enters the annals of revolutionary history for the second time marking the triumph of our people over dictatorship.

Under the unified leadership of the opposition, the Forces for Freedom and Change, the Sudanese people are occupying the centres of cities. In Khartoum, the masses besieged the headquarters of the army until the morning of the 7th of April.

Deep cracks in the regime are apparent, with some of its allies abandoning ship and leaders of the oppressive apparatus refusing to repress the masses.

Former army officers have joined the protest action.

The Sudanese Communist Party has called for vigilance among its members and supporters preparing for the final push to topple the regime.

The Secretariat of the Central Committee of our party appeals to all fraternal parties to double their solidarity actions as the dictatorial regime is nearing its end.

Secretariat of the Central Committee

Sudanese Communist Party