Budget 2021 leaves workers and their families behind in favour of corporate Ireland, says Workers’ Party representative for Dublin Mid-West, David Gardiner.

Reacting to the figures announced today, Gardiner said: “This budget will bring little if any relief to working class people and, in many regards, will worsen things significantly for them. Housing will remain largely unaffordable, childcare continues to be neglected by the government and a fuel hike will be another unwelcome addition for many families.”

“For all of the applause that the government has given workers over the COVID-19 pandemic, their praise clearly hasn’t materialised in any serious way. Meanwhile, the corporate tax rate stays the same. Who is really winning in this budget?”

“This budget has completely ignored the needs of workers across the country. Covid has fully exposed the failings of capitalism and it is obvious the working class are once again going to suffer because of a lack of planning by this government”