The Workers’ Party is currently in the process of submitting an observation on South Dublin County Council’s Draft County Development Plan 2022-28. The plan essentially sets the agenda for what work the council will carry out in the future.

David Gardiner, Workers’ Party representative for Palmerstown-Fonthill, said:

“There are parts of the plan that we have been actively campaigning on and are glad to see included, such as the inclusion of the Silver Bridge, while there are other important things, such as building a full-time library for Palmerstown, that have been left out.”

“Some of the key things that we’re supporting include the Silver Bridge being rebuilt, an underpass being built in Palmerstown to connect the village with the rest of the area, as well as improvements and developments to Glenaulin Park/The Gaels.”

“However, we would also like to see the inclusion of a full-time library for Palmerstown, a skatepark and teenspace in Waterstown Park, as well as the ban on heavy goods vehicles on the Kennelsfort Rd weighing over 7.5t to be reduced to 3.5t and regularly enforced.”

“If you agree with us, let the council know by submitting an observation of your own online at”