David Gardiner - WP Lucan/Palmerstown Representative

David Gardiner, Workers’ Party candidate in Dublin Mid-West, has described the pension age increase as “an attack on workers for generations to come.”

Gardiner said;

“Fine Gael’s plans to increase the pension age up to 67 comes as no surprise. Once again, they are putting the interests of the capitalist class over those of ordinary working people.”

His comments come as Fine Gael announce their intentions to raise the pension age to 67 by next year, and 68 by 2028.

“These career politicians mustn’t have done a proper days work in their lives, or they’d know that working up to 67 or 68 isn’t viable for most people.” Gardiner continued.

“To put this into perspective, the average life expectancy in Ireland is roughly 81 years old. Fine Gael want to give you just 14 years between when you retire and when you die.”

Gardiner concluded, saying;

“The alternative is to go on the dole for a year, soon to be two years, while you wait for your hard-earned pension, despite the fact that you’ve worked all of your life. Once again, Fine Gael have shown their disdain for the working class.”