Gemma Weir, Workers’ Party representative for North Belfast, has described the attack of a postal worker in Newtownabbey as “intolerable” and “having no place in our community.”

The assault, which took place in the Whitehall Road area of Newtonabbey, has meant that the Royal Mail has been forced to disrupt some of their deliveries to the area.

“The Workers’ Party condemns this unprovoked attack on a worker in our community in the strongest possible sense. Such intolerable behaviour has no place in our communities.”

“Workers have a right to work in safety.
It’s all the more disturbing that this attack has occured at a time when key workers like postmen have kept things up and running. Nobody should have to work in fear of attack, let alone someone providing a much-needed service to the community.”

“Police have asked anyone with information on the incident to get in contact with them and I would echo their call.”