WP Dublin organiser Claire O’Connor said: “We are putting forward former Cllr Éilis Ryan for the seat formerly held by the late Anthony Flynn. However, we believe the issues concerning the treatment and proper management of serious allegations of sexual abuse against the late councillor are of greater importance than the vote on who takes over his council seat tonight”

“Our Party has made clear that we condemn in the strongest terms the lack of responsible discourse from certain Dublin City councillors, which followed the emergence of details of these allegations of abuse in the public domain. There has been a clear attempt to belittle and demean the experiences and trauma of the alleged victims here, some of whom we know to have been service users at this homelessness charity in extremely vulnerable circumstances. The attempt by powerful local politicians to silence homeless people and sweep their experiences under the carpet is despicable”

“We are calling for a trauma-informed approach to be taken by councillors from here on which puts solidarity with survivors of abuse front and centre. Furthermore, we call on all public figures who participated in orchestrating a narrative on social media and in the press which erased the experiences of alleged victims to issue public apologies”

“She continued: We in The Workers’ Party have called for a full and comprehensive investigation of the ICHH charity since its establishment, including its wider operation. Vulnerable individuals must be protected and part of that is persons taking extremely seriously any issues relating to possible sexual abuse. We believe a serious interrogation of the conditions which facilitated the accumulation and serious abuse of power which has occurred here is warranted”

“The attempt by certain Independent Dublin City councillors to push through a nomination from ICHH to replace Anthony Flynn today must be strongly opposed in the context of these very serious and credible allegations. It shows a flagrant disregard for the ongoing investigations of the ICHH, the alleged victims, survivors of sexual assault more generally and local democracy. In the interests of balance and democracy – the Workers’ Party will contest any such attempt”

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