The Workers’ Party has today (Thursday) launched its general election manifesto which emphasises the Party’s commitment to the radical transformation of society in Ireland, and to the building of a Democratic, Secular, Socialist Republic in which power rests firmly in the hands of the working class.

(download the full manifesto)

Commenting on the launch of the Manifesto, Workers’ Party President Mick Donnelly stated that while the Workers’ Party remains committed to the long-term transformation of Irish society, its manifesto also offered solutions to problems faced by ordinary people now.

“What is needed”, said Mick Donnelly, “is not piecemeal reform but a fundamental transformation of society and the replacement of the corrupt and unjust capitalist system with a new, vibrant vision of a future in which working people can enjoy full control over their destiny and lives.”

“Our policies offer real steps forward for working people in the here and now, but will also lay the groundwork for transforming our economy and society in the interests of the working class.”

The Workers Party manifesto addresses the major issues facing people, with an especial emphasis on five key priorities.


Job Creation

A programme for real, sustainable and properly paid jobs within an environmentally-sustainable economy.

In particular, the Workers’ Party demands that state and semi-state companies take the lead role in job creation.

The Party also advocates the creation of a State Energy Company with full public ownership and control of Ireland’s oil and gas resources.

State control of all banking institutions to ensure finance is used to build a better society, and not for profit



The Workers’ Party will end the situation where ordinary workers and their families bear the disproportional burden of the total tax-take while the wealthy, the property developers and the trans-national corporations all receive massive, multi-billion euro write-downs.

We will bring to an end these huge revenue losses to the state by ensuring that all income, whether earned as wages or from speculative financial ventures, will all be subject to progressive levels of taxation.

The income gained will be used to fund quality public services.



The Workers’ Party sees housing as an essential human right and homelessness as an intolerable evil, and believes that the state should be the primary provider of housing.

We stand for the direct delivery of homes by a state construction company established specifically for that purpose.

The Workers’ Party also demands the immediate implementation of the Kenny Report, which has been ignored by successive governments in the interests of speculators and the financial elite.

Legislation to control rents and strengthen the rights of tenants in the private rental sector



The Workers’ Party stands for the ABOLITION of water charges and of Irish Water, and an end to the moves towards privatisation pursued by successive governments.

We demand a referendum to ensure the public ownership of water and the right of citizens to access water are enshrined in the constitution

We call for the restoration of local government control of the water supply and an immediate start to a proper investment programme to tackle the scandalous 40% leakage rate.

We will implement regulations so that all housing construction programmes incorporate full and viable rain-water recovery harvesting systems, and to provide funding for retro-fitting of the same unto existing housing stock.


Repeal the 8th

The Workers’ Party believes that women have the right to control their own bodies and the right to choose.

The Workers’ Party supports the Repeal of the 8th Amendment to the constitution.

The Workers’ Party calls for the availability of free and safe abortion and all related healthcare and services.

We stand for the Repeal of the Eighth Amendment to the constitution.