Workers Party promises ‘loud, smart, socialist’ opposition
The Workers’ Party has announced it will be running Cllr. Éilis Ryan in the European elections for the Dublin constituency. Cllr. Ryan currently represents the North Inner City ward on Dublin City Council.
Announcing the decision, Workers’ Party President Mick Donnelly said:
“Europe has been the source of some of the most destructive decisions our country has seen over the past few decades. However it has also been used as a scapegoat by our own right-wing governments, to shift the blame for their own destructive decisions.
“Whether on militarisation, on bailing out the banks, or on environmentally destructive trade agreements, successive Fianna Fáíl, Fine Gael and Labour governments have worked hand in glove with elitist eurocrats to worsen the living standards of working people across Europe”.

Cllr Ryan added:

Working people need  consistent and principled socialist opposition to the alliance between right-wing national governments and their ideological counterparts in Europe. That is why I am running for a European seat next May.” 
Michael Donnelly said:
“On Dublin City Council, with just one councillor, the Workers’ Party has managed to punch well above its weight, by combining smart, socialist policies with campaigning work on the ground in working class  communities. 
“This has been illustrated by our Council proposals for mixed income public rental housing, our consistent opposition to the sell off of public land, and the leadership role played by Éilis in the recent Repeal the 8th campaign in Dublin Central.” 
Cllr. Ryan added that she hopes to bring that approach to Europe:
“In 2016, I was staggered by the speed and scale of resistance to my modest proposal for public, mixed-income housing on the O’Devaney Gardens site. In Dublin, it would appear that establishment parties and bureaucrats alike are not willing to countenance even modest reforms. 
“But by continuing to push our platform on the council, we have exposed the elitist logic that drives local government. I hope to be able to do the same in Brussels.”