A Workers’ Party representative in North Belfast has called for Domino’s Pizza to introduce immediate safe working practices for staff. 

Christopher Bailie, Workers’ Party representative for Oldpark DEA, said: 

“Workers in Domino’s Pizza have approached me with concerns relating to the lack of safe working conditions in their shops during the current crisis. 

“They have indicated that social distancing is not being respected, and negligible personal protection is in place for workers.”   

Bailie continued: 

“Many workers are sharing accommodation with elderly parents or other vulnerable people. They have the right to maximum safety at work in order to protect their family when they come home. 

“Meanwhile, workers are being given no guidance on how to access statutory sick leave if necessary, and feel their jobs are jeopardised if they query these issues.” 

He concluded: 

“The Workers’ Party wants to see well-resourced inspection teams put in place with the authority to inspect workplaces which remain open during the crisis. 

“These should have the right to verify that all necessary protective and distancing measures have been put in place by all open workplaces.”