PAME protest in Athens today (17.05.2017)

The Workers’ Party has sent the following message to PAME, the Greek All Workers Militant Front on the occasion of the Greek General Strike organised by PAME and May Demonstrations and Rallies across Greece.

Dear comrades,

The Workers Party of Ireland sends warm greetings and extends its best wishes, solidarity and support to PAME, the All Workers Militant Front, on the occasion of the National General Strike on 17 May and the 18 May Demonstrations and Rallies across Greece.

These actions take place in the context of further austerity measures, the destruction of branch level collective agreements, further attacks on the national minimum wage, mass layoffs and the legalisation of the device of “lock out”, pension cuts, abolishing Sunday as a day off work, the reduction in unemployment and other benefits, increasing privatisation of state companies, and a 4th Memorandum of the Syriza government in collusion with the capitalist class and the European Union.

The WPI and Irish workers extend their solidarity to PAME on 17 and 18 May and recognise the vital and urgent necessity for a socialist alternative to the failed capitalist system.

International Section

Workers’ Party of Ireland

17 May 2017