A more efficient public transport service is needed in order to ensure that young people can make the most of the discounted rates announced in Budget 2022.

It is a positive development that some young people will only have to pay half price for public transport. Not only will it make transport more affordable, but it’s good for the environment too. However, we need a public transport system that works well if we want to get people on board.

We need buses to run more frequently. We can’t have people waiting ages for a bus only for two to show up at once. Here in Palmerstown, the recently privatised 18 is cancelled almost on a daily basis. I know some commuters who, when they’re timing a bus, will ignore the 18 completely because chances are it won’t show.

For people living in more rural or isolated areas, where buses are far and few inbetween, is there much of a point in getting this card if your bus only shows up once every hour? Regardless of how cheap the bus may be, many people will still have to get a car if the routes or frequency aren’t up to scratch.

To have an efficient public transport system, the government must reverse the privatisation of public transport and focus on catering to the needs of commuters. If you want more people using public transport, you can’t let private operators dictate which routes will exist based solely on profitability.

The goal of public transport should not be to make profits for private companies, it should be to get people from one place to another in a way that is less harmful to the planet.