Workers’ Party Youth condemns the actions carried out by young people in a video circulating on social media, which allegedly shows a racist attack on a Chinese woman in Dublin.

Speaking on the incident, WPY Secretary Eoghan Gardiner said:
“There’s absolutely no excuse for the attack that took place. In the video, after standing up for herself and telling a group of lads not to be racially abusive, a woman was pushed into the canal.”

He continued, saying:
“At the end of the day, attacks like this do nothing only further divide working class people when it’s unity we need. It’s up to working class youth to stand up against racism and mindless anti-social behaviour whenever we see it in our communities, regardless of who it comes from.”

Concluding, Gardiner said:
“Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Chinese people have been targeted and scapegoated worldwide as if the virus is somehow their doing. It’s no coincidence that this lines up with the anti-Chinese rhetoric coming from the likes of Trump, as well as the US state, and many others.”