The announcement of February 26th as the date for the 2016 general election hasn’t come a moment too soon according to the Workers’ Party.

The Party’s President Michael Donnelly said that the long drawn out announcement of the election date by Taoiseach Enda Kenny amounted to “the greatest walk of shame in the annals of Irish politics”.

Mr. Donnelly said the theatrics concerning the election date assumed more importance to the government than the huge number of issues which are of far greater urgency to those who have seen no recovery under the outgoing government and who are still reeling from almost a decade of austerity imposed by the same parties that are now promising the sun, the moon and the stars.

The Workers’ Party President said there was every likelihood that the general election would become a media farce with the major parties trying to outbid one another with promises they know they will never deliver,

“In this election voters are being offered another contest between Tweedledum and Tweedledee, a media shouting match where image and stage management take the place of real debate.  The Workers’ Party refuses to join this circus.  Instead we will put forward a radical programme – a socialist alternative – to offer hope to those who have borne the brunt of almost a decade of austerity – the working class. We want to empower that class, to encourage them to join the fight for social and political justice, a fight that will continue long after the next Dáil is formed”, said Michael Donnelly.

Among the issues which will be covered in the party’s manifesto, the Workers Party is calling for:-

  • Complete scrapping of water charges and abolition of Irish Water


  • State investment in social housing with a costed minimum expenditure of €2bn on building of local authority owned homes annually


  • Publicly provided affordable childcare available to all who require it


  • A universal health service publicly funded through general taxation and free at the point of delivery


  • A state investment bank to dramatically increase jobs in strategic public enterprises



Mr. Donnelly said that the Workers’ Party is at its strongest position in over a decade with a much revitalised organisation in Dublin and is building on a strong local election performance in Cork and growing support in Meath.

He concluded, “The Workers’ Party is confident that our five excellent candidates will make an impact in this election and surprise many commentators.  Every one of them is active all year round in their local communities and together they will fight a strong and determined campaign and we will win seats.”

The party’s candidates are as follows:

Cork North Central: Councillor Ted Tynan

Dublin Central: Councillor Éilis Ryan

Dublin Mid-West: Lorraine Hennessy

Dublin North West: Jimmy Dignam

Meath East: Seamus McDonagh