The Workers’ Party of Ireland condemns the murderous attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils which has caused 14 deaths and caused injuries to dozens of people and which has been claimed by ISIS/Daesh. The Workers’ Party of Ireland expresses its condolences to the families and friends of the many victims and its solidarity with the people of Catalonia and Spain.

These attacks are carried out on behalf of fundamentalist, ultra-reactionary forces who are the enemies of peace, freedom and social progress. These actions create circumstances for creating fear among the people, strengthening state repression and emboldening fascist groups. Neither can we ignore the conditions which foster and sustain those forces, the strategies of the imperialist powers and their aggression, intervention and wars.

Our best wishes are with the survivors, the families and friends of the victims in Barcelona and Cambrils and our Party expresses its continuing comradeship and solidarity with the Spanish communists in the struggle against reaction and imperialist war.



International Section

Workers Party of Ireland

18 August 2017